So you have decided you want to extend your home. What next?

Feasibility, Planning and Building Regulation Process

Free Initial Consultation:

We will come to your property to discuss your objectives and look into the feasibility of extending/remodelling your home. As this takes place at your property, we can actually look at what will be involved and identify any potential problems right from the start therefore saving you time and money in the long run.

During this initial consultation we will create a brief for the project and from this we will be able to put together a quote. Depending on how complicated the project is, the quote will usually be provided there and then.


A written quotation will be provided, along with a Letter of Appointment which will need to be signed before work commences.

Full measured survey:

Once appointed we will then come back to your property and carry out a full measured survey and take photographs of your property.

Scaled plans:

Upon completion of the survey we will then prepare a set of plans of your house as existing.


Now having a set of existing plans, we will be able to explore exactly what it is you are wishing to do and whether or not it is feasible. It may be that it is not totally feasible, however alternatives can always be explored and a suitable solution found.

Planning Permission:

Having completed the feasibility stage the next step is the planning application stage.

Based on the discussions during the feasibility stage about your various requirements and the budget for the extension, we will then produce a set of proposed plans and elevations. Once you have agreed exactly what you want, we will then produce the final design drawings ready for your approval.

Once you have signed off the final drawings, we will then submit them for Planning approval. The Planning Department usually take about 8 weeks to approve the drawings.

Planning deals with the correct use of land, the appearance of the proposed building and the effect it will have on the surrounding properties and the local environment.

Our fee includes filling out application forms, printing the required number of drawings for the council and one client set. It also includes minor amendments as requested by the planning officer where necessary.

We cannot guarantee Planning Approval, nobody can.

Building Regulations:

This next step can either be done straight away after submitting the Planning Application or you can wait until the Planning Approval has come through.

Building Regulations are concerned with the technical performance and constructional details of buildings and set out minimum standards to safeguard the health and safety of persons in and around buildings. For example, the building regulations include standards for fire resistance, ventilation, thermal insulation and so on. They are also concerned with conserving fuel and power and providing facilities for people with a disability. Building Regulations are applied by all local authorities.

The Building Regulation drawings are based on the Planning drawings and will include notes and details explaining how the new extension/conversion will meet the current Building Regulations.

HMR Architects are partnered with Rochdale Building Control which enables us to submit drawings to them regardless of the location of the site in England and Wales. This makes communication much quicker should any problems arise. Once these drawings are submitted the plan check usually takes between 4 and 5 weeks to be approved.

Should you wish for us to use your Local Authority Building Control Department, this can also be arranged.

Notice must be given to your Local Authority Building Control Department before construction work starts on site and to arrange for the necessary inspections to take place.

Our fee includes filling out application forms, printing the required number of drawings for the council and two client sets. It also includes minor amendments as requested by the building control officer where necessary.


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